My personal “Hall of Fame”

While it is easy to be a critic these days, I want to praise some people that I really admire. I think they are worth admiring in my “Hall of Fame” simply bevause they give most to society.

Teachers, who despite being burdened by bureaucracy and petty rules, remain passionate about teaching children and developing their social skills, I admire the teachers who, despite being disrespected and subjected to unfair scrutiny by those unqualified to judge, remain determinedly true to their vocation.

I admire Entrepreneurs who cast off the safety net of their ‘good jobs’ and ’reasonable income’, in a quest to create something new. I admire their determination and willingness to work long hours to develop their projects, whilst struggling to comply with the demands of VAT accounting and other governmental bureaucracy. They must struggle for each and every order and receive no backing from the banks, whose modus operandi is to lend money to those who have no need for it.

I admire Scout leaders who give their precious time to participate, week after week, in activities involving other people’s children. I admire their patience, tolerance and respect for the parents of those small scouts; they often forget that the Scout leaders receive no payment for the time and energy devoted to developing leadership qualities in their children. Indeed, some parents believe they can make the same demands on unpaid volunteer Scout leaders as on the teachers at their children’s schools.

I admire the sons and daughters who, despite leading busy lives of their own, make time to care for their elderly parents in hospitals and nursing homes.

I admire craftsmen, who take pride in doing a proper job and who strive to keep the professional bar high. I also admire developers who have the ambition to create homes and offices that are not just great today, but which will still be significant in fifty or a hundred year’s time.

I admire politicians, who dare to be themselves and speak from their heart, even if the cost is losing votes.

What do these people I admire have in common?

  1. They are passionate about what they do.
  2. They cannot be tempted by the lure of quick fixes or fast money.
  3. They are genuine.

Therefore, they are worthy both of recognition and reward. Similarly, there are some, who fall into my ‘hell of fame’ and they are:

Politicians, who compromise on their principles and election promises in order to gain re-election. These politicians, I detest, because they cheat the voters and undermine the nature and future of democracy.

Bosses, who think first and foremost of themselves, their bonus schemes, career moves and golden handshakes, instead of the employees and the businesses they are entrusted to lead. To lead is to serve the greater whole, rather than just oneself.

The journalist, who is willing to write or say anything to increase his/her readership or number of viewers or listeners. It sickens me when I encounter journalists, who impose moral or ethical demands on their ’victims’, which they, themselves, are so clearly lacking.

Trade unions or employers associations who, at the expense of the whole of society, cling to outmoded labour systems (the so-called Danish model), as the power base from where to further their own interests. Selfishness is wrong. Group selfishness is even worse.

Desk clerks, like popes, sitting high on their pedestals. I detest civil servants, public officers and police alike, for abusing the power invested in them by their jobs to annoy the citizens and businesses that pay their salaries.

And what do they have in common?

  1. They all represent outdated systems and power structures, which are in sore need of revitalisation.
  2. They cling on to their privileges, becoming ever more corrupt.
  3. They display arrogance to the very people they are duty-bound to serve.

To which group do you belong?

(Original Danish version published in Jylland Posten)

4 kommentarer til “My personal “Hall of Fame””

  1. Lars christoffersen

    I really admire garbage collectors, despite being looked down upom, they carry put their duty and keeps us all healthy and clean

  2. Jytte Lund Larsen

    Lars Kolind you are the person you act and therefore you generate energy. Thank you for all the inspiration you give.
    Therefore I admire you.

  3. Johannes Lebech

    Jeg er enig. Fine principper!

  4. Martin Poulsen

    I’m a fan!

    Untill now I have been an employee in various places. Some good, others not so good, and others again even great.

    I used to be the “free riding cowboy” with trust and back-up from management, picking up a short order form early in the morning, and usually wouldn’t see or hear anything from them for the next couple of days, untill stating “will be done sometime tomorrow – what’s next?”

    The true essence of that job was customer satisfaction to almost any extent, which was very gratifying, but also meant a servere commitment and long hours for a mediocre financial output. The drive was in service, accomplishment and professional pride.

    Recession kicked in and my services were no longer needed, hence I was on the prowl for other occupation, which I indeed also managed to get. This time for a multinational company. The struggle is on every day to fight bureaucracy, but it seems a loosing battle with ISO-certifications, KPI-demands from upper management (very much a silo company) and so forth. Unboss would be truly welcome in so many ways, especially since the company is of considerable size, and crossfunctional communication in a flat hierarchy would solve a lot of current challenges. Structural changes are in progress, but it seems too little too late. It is very frustrating for people – specialists – who try to exercise the best of their core competencies, when they get burdened with seemingly meaningless tasks, to move focus away from what makes the company a success.

    I am currently in a situation where my priorities need re-evaluating, and I know something has got to give. The direction is not yet clear, but as everything else, it’s a work
    in progress. I will get there, even though I have no idea where “there” is yet.

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