6 rules to simplify complex work

Here is a really thought-provoking 12 minute TED talk: Why structural change is no more the solution when work gets more complex.

Yves Morieux’ six rules are: 1) Understand what your people do, 2) Reinforce integrators, 3) Increase total quantity of power, 4) Extend the shadow of the future, 5) Increase reciprocity, and 6) reward cooperators.

In other words: avoid organizational layers and departmental silos. Empower people and make them work together, forget the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and you can increase productivity and improve employee’s lives.

In my ears, this is exactly the core of Oticon’s spaghetti organization, which we created as early as 1991.

What do you think?

8 kommentarer til “6 rules to simplify complex work”

  1. Jakob Nybo

    Very thoughtful and I truly agree.
    Br. Jakob

  2. Frank Calberg

    A question to # 6: I’m curious to know more about how people – including co-workers, customers partners, supplier partners and/or other stakeholders / cooperators – are / could be rewarded, financially as well as in other ways, for cooperating in various ways? What experiences and/or concrete ideas do you have? Thanks very much in advance. Some inputs on the topic: http://www.slideshare.net/frankcalberg/how-are-people-paid-for-what-they-do

  3. Lars Kolind

    My experience is that the best reward is non-financial: Simply to recognize the people who collaborate, thank them for what they do and explain why it is so important for all. The best financial reward in my view is shared ownership, not in the form of options or warrants, but real genuine ownership.

  4. Frank Calberg

    Thank you for the feedback.

  5. Morten Boland

    really interesting, I followed your work in the Oticon days. Today I see a lot of people working in silos and performance models based on the individual, but we need to look on helping and sharing. interesting article in HBR this month on this. Isn’t the real money in helping.

  6. Frank Calberg

    Interesting thoughts, Morten, about values. Here are some questions to discover values people have. http://www.scribd.com/doc/36200010/questions-to-discover-your-values

  7. Isabella Lo

    An old article. I just discovered now.


    What do you think about the author credits your Spaghetti Organisation as a successful factor for al-Qaida network?

  8. Lars Kolind

    I don’t know if I should be credited as the inspiration to Al Quida’s networked organization, but the Spaghetti Organization is indeed a highly efficient way or organizing work in a global knowledge-intensive environment.
    It gives me tremendous joy every time I meet companies around the world who refer to the Spaghetti organization as their inspiration for what they do. The inventor of a new technology or organization will have to accept that although the intention was good, there will also be evil people who take advantage. Think for example of nuclear technology which serves numerous good causes, but which can also be used for nuclear bombs.

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